Food forest · Ecodorp Ppauw/Ecovillage

This garden is designed using the permaculture design principles. For one year, we have observed the local ecosystem; the flora and fauna, the soil, sunlight and shade, incoming water flows and the wind. With this knowledge, a design was made through a collaborative process. At the moment we are developing the garden from the design. The soil is liberated from street-stones and made healthy and fertile via green manure crops and compost. We are planting combination of species that help and enhance each other. All the species we planted use are useful, either for the ecosystem, as for us: edible, medicinal, building or fire woods. In this way a food forest will emerge that can supply the local community with food, building materials, medicines and firewood for centuries.
You can participate in the permaculture gardens every thursday from 10.00-14.30 hrs.